Crucial Ballistix Active Cooling Fan

Feb 18th, 2011 | By Jared


The Ballistix Active Cooling Fan comes in a small black box that lists out specifications and features and just about every bit of information you could need to know about it.

Ballistix Active Cooling Fan Ballistix Active Cooling FanBallistix Active Cooling Fan Ballistix Active Cooling Fan

Accessories include a small manual, bag of thumbscrews, brackets as well as a 3-pin to 4-pin power adapter.

Ballistix Active Cooling Fan

The Ballistix Active Cooling Fan is constructed of metal that Crucial states is black and silver though it is closer to gunmetal in color. Both fans are clear in a design to not block any LED lighting that you may have on your memory such as their Ballistix Tracer modules. The top cover plate angles up on either end in what seems to be a purely aesthetic choice.

Ballistix Active Cooling Fan Ballistix Active Cooling Fan

The fan chord is braided in black to help keep a neat and tidy system. Two lips on either end provide the mounting point for the installation brackets which we will see closer during installation.

Ballistix Active Cooling Fan

I visited the Crucial’s website and grabbed some information from the product page

Here is what Crucial has to say about the Ballistix Active Cooling Fan:

Featuring two 60mm clear fans, this solution is flexible and quiet, making it the perfect complement to your Ballistix memory. It’s stylish too, enhancing your internal case design at the same time your Ballistix Tracer modules dazzle your system. The Ballistix active cooling fan is also ideal for water-cooled systems where internal airflow around memory is minimal.

Easy to install and connect, the Ballistix active cooling fan is a great product to pair with your performance memory.

  • Features:

  • Active cooling for your Ballistix memory
  • Increase airflow to your system memory
  • Reduce memory temperatures with proper airflow
  • Easy to attach (flex attachment to memory sockets with no tools required)
  • Low noise level
  • Complementary color scheme (black/silver)
  • Clear fans allow you to still see your Ballistix Tracer lights
  • 1-year limited warranty


Ballistix Active Cooling Fan


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