HIS HD7770 iCooler 1GB (H777F1G2M)

Apr 18th, 2012 | By Jared


Games are a big factor in many consumers’ purchasing decisions and particularly so when looking at the HD 68xx series video cards.

First up on the block is Crysis. Crysis obviously needs no introduction as a system killer even after all of these years when it comes to performance. All settings were set to Very High with 2x anti-aliasing and the built in GPU benchmark was used.

HIS 7770 iCooler

In our first game benchmark we see about a 5 FPS gap between the OC 7770 and the higher end cards, really pretty impressive when you consider this is basically a free upgrade to the card.

Next up is Far Cry 2 that utilizes a new game engine designed specifically for this game called Dunia. The Dunia engine is DirectX 10 and should stress the cards pretty good. Tests were run with settings at Ultra High and 8x anti-aliasing.

HIS 7770 iCooler

Far Cry 2 isn’t quite the same results; while still very playable the higher cards really pull away from the HD 7770 iCooler.

Metro 2033 is another first person shooter that was released in 2010 and focuses on survival in a post-apocalyptic Russia. With DirectX 11 support, Metro 2033 boasts some stunning visuals. The built in benchmarking tool was used with the following settings: DX11, Very High, AAA and 16x AF.

HIS 7770 iCooler

Very near to identical results in Metro 2033 that we saw in Crysis. Even at 1920 the 7770 iCooler is close to the ideal 30 FPS.

The last game benchmark on the agenda today is Batman: Arkham City, the follow up to 2009′s Batman: Arkham Asylum. Using the Unreal 3 engine I turned PhysX off and global settings were set to Very High.

HIS 7770 iCooler

The 7770 iCooler handles Arkham City well at any resolution and there is a large increase in framerates once you overclock the card.


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