HIS Radeon HD3650 IceQ (H365Q512GNP)

Apr 25th, 2008 | By Nivedh

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HIS Radeon HD3650 IceQ (H365Q512GNP)

: 04/25/08 – 06:08:35 PM


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Page 1 : Index

: HIS Digital

We have yet another HIS product for your eyes today. HIS has been producing ATI-based video cards for a long time, sometimes even putting their own twist on things.

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Last time we looked at a low-end passively cooled HD 3450 from HIS. This time, we will be looking at a more beastly card, the
Radeon HD 3650
equipped with
IceQ 3

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Page 2 : Package

The HD 3650 comes in a relatively large package. The box is black and features a clear window that shows off the cooler on the card. Surrounding this are marketing phrases. HIS's logo can be found on the top left. The bottom shows the card's name and an IceQ logo. Features are also listed off.

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On the right we have a sticker that says ‘Turbo’ and flaunts the card's core and memory speeds. The core is clocked at 790 MHz while the 512 MB of 1.0ns GDDR3 runs at 1.78 GHz. The PCI-Express based HD 3650 also supports ATI CrossFireX multi-GPU technology, HDMI output with 1080p ‘full HD’ capability. A DVI-to-HDMI adapter is pictured.

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The sides reiterate the same information we saw on the front in addition to a list of package contents.

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Turning to the back, we have a ton of information. Everything from features to specifications can be found here.

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Here are a couple of larger images for your viewing pleasure.

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Let us now take a closer look at these features and specifications before moving on to the fun stuff.

Page 3 : Features & Specifications

HIS has a lot of information about the HD 3650 on this page from which I got most of this information.

Here is their description:

HIS HD 3650 IceQ Turbo (Full HD 1080p) HDMI 512MB/256MB (128bit) GDDR3 Dual DL-DVI & TV (HDCP) PCIe

* Powered by Radeon® HD 3600 GPU
* HIS IceQ 3 Cooling Technology
* 512MB/256MB(128bit) GDDR3 memory
* Superscalar unified shader architecture
* 120 stream processing units
* 128-bit memory interface
* DirectX® 10.1 / Shader Model 4.1 support
* PCI Express® 2.0 support
* ATI CrossFireX multi-GPU support for highly scalable performance

All the features:

HIS IceQ 3 Cooling Technology

HIS IceQ 3 is the 3rd generation of IceQ cooling technology which is endorsed by worldwide media. HIS IceQ 3 innovative design doubles the strength to its predecessor. It ensures lower operating environment for GPU and memory, extends headroom for overclocking and provides longer service life. HIS IceQ 3 can cool down the core temperature dramatically; lower than original cooler. Heat transfers rapidly out of GPU and reduces temperature faster. Also it is sensitive to ultra violate light with special UV effect.

HD Concept output with gold plated

HIS has applied the ‘HD’ concept design on its new models. Features include: high-quality gold-plated ports, black panel plate which sync. with the ‘High-definition’ concept of the new Radeon HD Series.

HD Gaming in the Next Generation

Experience the next generation of gaming with incredible performance, life-like graphics and support for the latest Microsoft® DirectX® 10.1. With 120 stream processors and PCI Express® 2.0 support, you're ready for demanding titles that need more throughput. And thanks to plug-and-play ATI CrossFireX upgradeability, it is easy to turbo-charge your 3D performance.

ATI Avivo HD Technology

ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series GPUs feature ATI Avivo HD technology with advanced audio, video processing, display and connectivity capabilities for high definition entertainment solutions. ATI Avivo HD technology includes fully integrated HD audio capabilities and supports playback of multi-channel (5.1) audio streams. When combined with the integrated HDCP copy protection, ATI Avivo HD enables a one-cable HDMI connectivity solution to high definition home theaters.

ATI Unified Video Decoder Technology (UVD)

Connect your PC to your home theater and start watching HD content from your computer using new ATI Radeon HD 3600 series graphics cards. The ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series is designed to decode and playback Blu-ray and HD DVD formats using dedicated hardware within the GPU. This technology, known as UVD or Unified Video Decoding, is part of ATI Avivo HD, the new collection of technologies that are designed to improve the visual and connectivity capabilities of ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series GPUs

HDMI Video and Audio

The ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series GPU further enhances the HD entertainment experience by making it easy to make the connection to a big- screen or home theater system. With built-in 5.1 surround audio (AC3) pass-through capabilities, the new GPUs and graphics cards support a single HDMI connection direct to a compatible TV or receiver. This single cable carries both the HD video and 5.1 surround audio for a clean, high definition connection. Some graphics cards will have an HDMI connector built in, while others will use a special ATI Radeon DVI-I to HDMI adapter. These options mean greater choice and flexibility for consumers when connecting to PC monitors or home theaters for maximum enjoyment of full HD 1080p content.

Microsoft® DirectX® 10.1 support

ATI Radeon HD 3600 series GPUs offer full support for the new DirectX® 10 and DirectX 10.1 API (Application Program Interface) from Microsoft®; ready to meet the demanding needs of new, next generation games. DirectX® 10 is the first totally new DirectX® in the last 4 years and brings important graphics innovations that can be used by game developers for the next generation of games. DirectX® 10 introduces crisp, never-before-seen detail-rich images, visual effects and game dynamics capable of accurately simulating the real world. No matter which ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series GPU you choose, you can be assured that games will look as good as the developer intended!

ATI CrossFireX Technology

New ATI CrossFireX multi-GPU technology takes your gaming experience to the next level with more scalability, performance and compatibility. The technology combines the awe-inspiring capabilities of multiple ATI Radeon graphics cards and an ATI CrossFireX ready motherboard to meet the hard-core demands of your alternate reality. New ATI Radeon HD graphics cards are designed with an internal ATI CrossFireX Bridge Interconnect system to simplify installation. Experience stunning visual realism in today's demanding 3D games with uncompromising image quality, especially on HD displays.

Microsoft® Windows Vista®

ATI Radeon HD 3600 series GPUs provide total support for the Microsoft® Windows Vista® operating system and improve the performance of the Windows Aero graphical interface. You will be amazed by the dazzling 3D visual effects and have peace of mind that the ATI Catalyst software and drivers are designed and thoroughly tested to ensure full compatibility and stability to keep you up and running. All these new technologies and features make the ATI Radeon HD 3600 series of GPUs the ideal solution for ultimate HD gaming and HD video entertainment with the Windows Vista OS.

The features of the ATI RV635 chipset:

* Superscalar unified shader architecture
* 120 stream processing units
* 128-bit memory interface
* DirectX® 10.1 / Shader Model 4.1 support
* PCI Express® 2.0 support
* ATI CrossFireX multi-GPU support for highly scalable performance
* Use up to four GPUs with an AMD 790FX based motherboard
* High-speed 128-bit HDR (High Dynamic Range) rendering
* Up to 24x Custom Filter Anti-Aliasing
* 55nm process technology
* ATI Avivo HD video and display technology
* Built-in HDMI and 5.1 surround audio
* Support for the ATI Radeon DVI to HDMI adapter
* Unified Video Decoder (UVD) for Blu-ray and HD DVD
* ATI PowerPlay energy conserving technology
* Dynamic geometry acceleration
* Game physics processing capability
Bundled with the HD 3650, you will find a driver CD, instructions on how to get free games on Steam, a DVI-to-HDMI adapter, a DVI-to-VGA adapter, and a CrossFireX bridge.

More features and specifications:

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Unlike the HD 3450 we reviewed last time, the HD 3650 is a mid-range card and based on its specifications, it should be able to tackle all but the most demanding of games.

Page 4 : Package & Contents

Opening the package reveals the HD 3650 in all its glory albeit enclosed in a plastic shell. Surrounding it, we have the two adapters, a HIS sticker, and the CrossFireX bridge interconnect,

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Beneath it, we have the driver CD, a manual, the free games on Steam offer, as well as a small note instructing the user on how to select the proper TV format.

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The first thing you notice about the card itself is its large size, courtesy of the large IceQ cooler which takes up a PCI slot of its own! HIS's logo can be found on the cooler amidst blue graphics which further extend the ‘ice’ metaphor. The radial fan on the cooler blows air through the internal fins and funnels it out of the back.

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Looking toward the top of the card, we can see that the cooler pretty much covers all of the card save for a few parts along the edge. You almost don't even notice the PCB's blue color! Also, of note here, the card has two CrossFire interfaces to allow for connection to
two other cards

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The HD 3650's outputs consist of two dual-link DVI ports and a video-out port. The ports are gold-plated – what practical purpose this serves is beyond me.

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Turning the card over, we find four of the eight memory chips.

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Samsung is the manufacturer of these GDDR3 chips with serial number K4J52324QE-BJ1A. According to the specifications PDF, these chips are capable of operating at up to 2.0 GHz (1000 MHz * 2). If you recall from the specifications, HIS has clocked these at 1.78 GHz so it leaves us a bit of room to work with.

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Returning to the front and removing the cooler reveals the core and the four other memory chips. Note that the IceQ 3 cooler is nothing more than an Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer.

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Unlike most other video cards I have come across, actual thermal compound is used as opposed to pink gunk.

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Cleaning off the thermal compound reveals the star of the show: the RV635 core, built using a 55nm process.

Now let's see how it performs.

Page 5 : Installation & Overclocking

Though the HIS HD 3650 takes up two slots, installation was simple. The card is not excessively long and should not pose any problems.

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ATI Catalyst Control Center measured the core temperature to be around 47°C at idle and around 60°C at load such as while running a game. I guess the IceQ 3 cooler does a decent job.

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Catalyst Control Center was used to overclock the card as ATI Tool refused to run properly. A maximum overclock of 850 MHz for the core and 1000 MHz for the memory was reached, a great increase from the stock speeds of 790 and 890 respectively. Note that since the memory is GDDR3, the effective memory speeds equate to twice that. Also note that Catalyst Control Center won't let me go past 850 and 1000 but I am guessing the card can probably go a little bit more past that. If only ATI Tool worked…

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GPU-Z reported the overclocked core speed to be 837 MHz even though Catalyst Control Center said 850 MHz. The memory is at 999 MHz; if you recall from the previous section, Samsung's specifications for these particular chips state a speed of 1000 MHz – perfect!

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Page 6 : Test Setup

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 1.86GHz
Motherboard: MSI P965 Neo-F
PSU: Antec SmartPower 2.0 SP-400
Memory: Kingston Value DDR2-800 (PC2-6400) 2GB dual channel kit (2x1GB)
Hard Drive: Hitachi Deskstar T7K250 160GB SATA II 8MB cache
Optical: Samsung DVD±RW
Case: Antec P182

Video Cards:
HIS Radeon HD 3650 IceQ Turbo
, HIS Radeon HD 3450, eVGA e-GeForce 7600GT CO

Since I tested the HD 3650 and the HD 3450 simultaneously, I will be quoting myself a lot from the HD 3450 review for the sake of efficiency.

I will be putting the cards through a rigorous benchmarking session involving both synthetic and gaming benchmarks.

The synthetic benchmarks will consist of Futuremark 3DMark03, 3DMark05, and 3DMark06. 3DMark2001 was left out as it seems a bit counterproductive to test a DirectX 10 video card using a DirectX 8 benchmark.

The gaming benchmarks will consist of Need for Speed: ProStreet, BioShock, Call of Duty 4, and Crysis. Tests will be run at various resolutions, combinations of anti-aliasing (AA), anisotropic filtering (AF) and some tests will highlight the performance difference between the overclocked and stock speeds.

Each benchmark result is the average of three runs.

Note that the benchmarks are meant to be indicative as to the relative performance of the video cards and are by no means absolute scores to be used for comparison with your system as performance depends on several factors.

Page 7 : Synthetic Benchmarks

The 3DMark series from Futuremark has been the gold standard for benchmarkers worldwide. 3DMark scores are often used among enthusiasts as a standard of comparison.

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The HD 3650 performs extremely well in comparison with the 7600GT and HD 3450. The 7600GT comes somewhat close in 3DMark03 but not really.

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A closer look at the 3DMark06 scores reveals certain nuances. For one, the CPU scores match up well meaning the benchmark was not biased towards any cards. For everything else, the trend is similar to the first chart with the HD 3650 taking the lead, then the 7600 GT, and the HD 3450 bringing up the rear.

Page 8 : Need for Speed: ProStreet

Need for Speed: ProStreet is the latest installment in the highly popular Need for Speed franchise. It takes a step back from the excitement of illegal street racing of previous titles to track racing. This minor disappointment is mitigated by the amazing graphics.

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In this benchmark, I used Fraps to record the average frames per second (FPS) during a circuit race of 3 laps; once again, each run was done 3 times and the results averaged to yield a good result. Three different resolutions were used combined with either trilinear filtering (TF) and no anti-aliasing (0xAA) or anisotropic filtering (AF) and either 2xAA or 4xAA. For some reason, I was only able to set the HD 3450 to a maximum of 2xAA while the other cards could go up to 4xAA.

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The HD 3650 once again obliterates the competition. With AA and TF turned off, the game is extremely smooth even at 1280×1024 at a frame rate of about 29 fps.

Page 9 : BioShock

BioShock is one of the most critically acclaimed titles of recent times. Set in an underwater utopia gone wrong, the chilling and eerie mood makes for an awesome gaming experience, especially with DirectX 10.

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Once again I used Fraps to record the average FPS while playing the first level from the beginning to the point where the player receives a plasmid and has to open the door that says ‘Welcome to Rapture.’ Performance was evaluated at three different resolutions at stock and overclocked speeds. All other settings were left at highest quality.

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Overclocking the cards increases performance very slightly. At 1024×768 however, the overclocked HD 3650 performed unusually well for some reason. It might have been due to the fact that I did not use a timedemo and had to manually play the level which lends itself to unavoidable variations.

Page 10 : Call of Duty 4

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the latest in the popular Call of Duty series. It distinguishes itself from previous titles in that it is set in modern times as opposed to World War II. Receiving great reviews, the game is also known for its highly optimized proprietary rendering engine.

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Fraps was used again to record the average FPS while playing the epilogue level of the game in which the player must rescue a hostage aboard a plane. Three resolutions were employed and combined with either full AF and 4xAA or no filtering (NF) and no AA. All other settings were set to their highest values.

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The HD 3450 performs very poorly and this time around, the HD 3650 does not have much of a lead on the 7600GT. Even so, the game is fluid at 1280×1024 even with AA and AF enabled.

Page 11 : Crysis

Known for its breathtaking visuals and for the fact that it has the ability to tax even the most powerful systems, Crysis has become another popular first person shooter this year. DirectX 10 is supported and will enable the highest quality graphics.

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Testing was done by measuring the frames per second while playing part of the first level where the player has to find Aztec. The effect of enabling AA was tested at different resolutions. All settings were at ‘medium’. Note that the 7600GT does not support DirectX 10.

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Crysis separated the boys from the men, so to speak, leaving the HD 3650 as the victor. It was the only card that was able to provide a decent experience at 1280×1024 but this was with the settings at medium and no anti-aliasing!

Page 12 : Conclusion

Throughout the tests, the HIS Radeon HD 3650 performed well. It is not a top-of-the-line card but its performance should be satisfactory for all but the most extreme of gamers. If you don't care for too much eye candy or extremely high resolutions, this mid-range card should fit the bill in terms of value. For its price, it is a great buy. Also, it supports CrossFireX so you can upgrade later if desired.

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All in all, the HIS Radeon HD 3650 IceQ 3 is a solid card and I would highly recommend it… even though I'm an NVIDIA fan.

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  • Good performance

  • Lots of features including HDMI output, HD support
  • Very good value


  • IceQ cooler is a bit large – takes up two slots

Overclockers Online would like to thank HIS for making this review possible.

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