ASUS U3S6 USB 3.0/SATA 3 6Gbps PCIE Card @

Mar 8th, 2010 | By news

Quote: Ive taken a look at a couple USB 3.0 PCIE card here at TestFreaks. I ve got another one today, but this one is quite a bit different. Its the AS US U3S6 PCIE card that actually uses a standard PCIE slot as opposed to the small X1 style. This card is also a combo card that has both USB 3.0 ports on it and SATA3 or 6Gbps SATA connections on it. According to ASUS, utilizing the PCIE X4 slot will maximize your bandwidth or speeds youll achieve with USB 3.0. lets find out if thats true or not=85

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