OCZ is the kind of company all performance computing users will recognize. Ever since their humble beginnings in 2002, OCZ has been churning out excellent products one after another. Despite their success and large product line, OCZ has not forgotten about customers, in fact they try to ensure each and every customer is 110 percent satisfied.

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In mid 2004, OCZ expanded their line of products to include power supplies while challenging long established power supply manufacturers. Ever since then, OCZ built quite a name a reputation for their power supplies, in fact are often regarded as one of the bests. Today, we are going to look at the ProXStream, the latest and hopefully greatest addition to OCZ's line of power supplies.

Each day we hear about more and more powerful computer components promising to build a life-like virtual reality on our screens, unfortunately, these CPUs and video cards tend to be quite power hungry. This is where OCZ's ProXStream 1000W APFC comes in, with a combined total of 70A separated on four individual 12V rails it is bound to shrug off even the most demanding systems!

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