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The Buffalo roams once again across the plains of Overclockers Online. Just over two months ago, a set of Buffalo FireStix made an appearance here with a 1GB memory kit. There was a lot of interest in the FireStix line then and even more so now. Buffalo Technology Inc. is a worldwide leader in network solutions, multimedia devices, storage hardware, and of course memory. Buffalo Technology is an international corporation and has offices in Taiwan, UK, Germany, Ireland, and Japan as well as Austin Texas in the USA.

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Having supplied the IT industry for more than 30 years now, Buffalo Technology has interest in a lot of different markets and is primarily known in the business world for providing technology solutions for a broad range of needs. In their effort to increase brand awareness in the end-user market and primarily the enthusiast memory segment, Buffalo Technology released the much talked about FireStix line of memory.

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Designed with extreme performance in mind, the FireStix line of memory is positioned to fight with the other big names in the performance memory market. Today I will be looking at a PC2-8000 part which means DDR1000 as the rated frequency at 5-5-5 timings with only 2.1v. I have the 2x1GB kit, part #FSX1000D2C-K2G, here for testing today and I am pretty excited about these modules. There should be plenty of overclocking headroom so if you are looking for your next kit of memory to push your system, have a look inside.

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