Back in 2003 SilverStone Technology stormed into the market as a high-end case builder. Their elegant enclosure designs were met with praise from the general public and industry critics alike. The original vision in which SilverStone Technology has grown from was to create "the most advanced and beautiful products available on the market". That vision holds strong as SilverStone advances into 2007 with more incredible enclosures than ever before.

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SilverStone Technology has since taken their design philosophy to the next level with a team of industry leaders that have created more than just great cases in the last 3-4 years. The SilverStone brand encompasses not only computer enclosures but electronic enclosures, power supplies, CPU coolers and other accessories. All of which meet an esthetic level of perfection that is un-matched in the computer industry. Today here at O2, we will be looking at an interesting power supply that is engineered for Small Form Factor and HTPC enclosures.

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The Element series of power supplies are built around a near silent 120mm fan that isn't required to turn at high RPMs due to the highly efficient design focused at keeping temperatures down and heat output to a minimum. The feature that makes this ST50EF-PLUS different from the rest of the Element series is that the power supply we are looking at today is the Short Cable Edition. This edition has uniquely short cables designed for easier and cleaner installation in SFF and m-ATX enclosures.

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