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There doesn't seem to be any shortage of new DDRII memory packages being un-leashed on the market by a seemingly unlimited amount of memory manufacturers. Today I am happy to introduce one of those manufacturers and yet another new face to the pages of Overclockers Online, Team Group Incorporated. Team Group was established in 1994 in the city of Taipei, Taiwan and has grown to be a leading memory producer in Taiwan. Team Group has used that production strength to expand its reach to various regions of the globe including distribution centers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the USA with no expectations to stop there.

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In addition to production of SDRAM memory modules, Team Group also manufactures USB thumb drives and Flash memory products. The emphasis of all Team Group products is focused on quality and esthetically pleasing packages. This focus on innovative and elegant designs can really be seen in their impressive line of flash drives ranging from the Fusion Drive Plus to their unique and secure, Finger Print Drive. Today, however, I will be examining a product from their latest line of enthusiast DDRII memory modules, the recently released Team Xtreem Dark.

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Team Xtreem Dark is an answer for the enthusiast on a budget providing impressive performance and solid overclocking without taking too much out of your wallet. Team Xtreem Dark was developed to compliment the Team Group high-end line of memory, known simply as Team Xtreem. With recent prices in the high-end overclocking segment rising out of control due to a lack of diversity in available ICs, Team Group extensively tested all available options and were able to create Team Xtreem Dark, a product that possesses plenty of ability with a more reasonable price tag. I was informed just before posting this review that Team Group has lowered the MSRP of the Team Dark series to $230USD on the PC2-6400 kit that I will be reviewing today and $219USD on the PC2-5300 2GB kit. Hopefully NCIX will lower prices another $20 or so in Canada to reflect these changes in MSRP.

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