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The Biostar name is easily found on any number of computer enthusiast and overclocking web sites, usually in the motherboard section where users are raving about the T-Series line of motherboards. Biostar has actively pursued the enthusiast by making the T-Series a reputable name in motherboard overclocking discussions. This dedication to performance has poured over into their video card line known as E-Gate.

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The GPU market is flooded with competitors and it is hard to distinguish one from the next when, many times, there are very little differences between a particular card aside from the heatsink and fan assembly. The mid-range of video cards is especially crowded because that is the market where the majority of users will select their hardware from. Biostar has found a way to separate themselves from the ambitious crowd with their newest video card, the E-Gate 7600GS (V7603GS21) with the revolutionary V-Ranger overclock tool.

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What makes the Biostar E-Gate 7600GS different from other 7600GS offerings out there? The answer to that question is V-Ranger. V-Ranger is the first software overclocking tool that allows dynamic voltage regulation of the video card. The V in V-Ranger obviously stands for voltage but this software allows for voltage and frequency adjustments that will cater to a higher overclock and better performance at the same time as reducing power consumption and temperature when not needed. Obviously I am more interested in the overclocking aspect but this new software, V-Ranger, certainly has something to offer everyone.

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