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If you have been following Overclockers Online, you will likely notice that there have been a few Cooler Master CPU coolers reviewed here within the last month and a bit starting with the Aquagate Viva followed by the Eclipse and the Mars. Today I will be finishing up this series of Cooler Master Coolers with an AMD cooler, the Hyper TX.

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Cooler Master is always adding new products to their line of CPU coolers and 2006 was no different. Cooler Master has been in the computer cooling market for a decade and 2006 was an indication that CM isn't slowing down at all. I have also been privileged to some information on upcoming CPU coolers from Cooler Master and let's just say, we can expect "BIG" things from Cooler Master in the not so distant future.

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The Hyper TX appears to look more like the standard CPU cooler straying from a unique design like that of the last two coolers I looked at. I will be looking at the Hyper TX for AMD which supports Socket AM2/939/754 but Cooler Master also offers the Hyper TX in an Intel variation as well. Let's get started, we begin with a look at the package that the Hyper TX comes in.

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