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It didn't take me long and I am not quite done yet with the onslaught of Cooler Master CPU cooler reviews, one more is waiting in the wings of this four part mini-series. By this time, pretty much anyone reading the pages of Overclockers knows who Cooler Master is. If you are not then I suggest you head to your local computer hardware store and just have a look around.

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You will find full tower cases, water cooling units, HTPC enclosures, power supplies, case fans, and of course; CPU coolers. Cooler Master has been around for more than 10 years at the time of writing this article and the line-up of cooling accessories has steadily grown. The key behind their continual growth is the ability to produce top quality products that perform well and are marketed very efficiently. Today we will be looking at another one of Cooler Masters latest CPU coolers, the Mars.

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The Cooler Master Mars is very simple design that incorporates a large amount of aluminum fins sitting on a copper base with three heatpipes aiding in removing heat from the base. There is a fan in the center of this globe like cooler that forces air out all sides of the Mars thus removing the heat from the fins and heatpipes. The Mars isn't as small as the stock coolers from Intel or AMD but this universal cooler doesn't take up much more room then the stock units. We start, as always, with a quick look at the packaging the Mars comes in.

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