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One of the largest and crowded sectors in the computer hardware world is the cooling market, in particular the CPU cooler segment. One company that has been fighting its way through the crowds for years and helped build the aftermarket cooling industry into the competitive scene that it is today is Cooler Master. Aftermarket processor coolers are where most companies start out and more than ten years ago, that is where Cooler Master began.

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Obviously since then, Cooler Master has emerged as one of the leaders in this sector and has expanded aftermarket cooling into far more than just CPU coolers. The pages of are filled with everything from cases to water-cooling configurations, power supplies to external storage enclosures and everything in-between. Today we will be going back to the roots though and taking a look at the recently released CM Eclipse.

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The Eclipse is a unique design that breaks the mold of the traditional CPU cooler in the fact that it actually houses the fan almost internally as opposed to just having a fan sitting on top of a bunch of fins. Four large heat-pipes are also integrated into the design to provide exceptional heat dissipation while adding an artistic elegance to the appearance. The Eclipse is fully featured offering two selectable fan speeds as well as the option for PWM control so you can control just how loud or quiet you need your system to be. I will be testing the flexibility of the Eclipse today on both an Intel and AMD systems but first, we start with a look at the package.

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