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Today in my lab, also known as my computer hardware littered workspace, I will be looking at some memory from Buffalo Technology. Despite being known for memory, Buffalo offers so much more than just that. Buffalo Technology USA is based in Austin Texas and has an extensive portfolio of products including storage solutions, multimedia hardware, networking and wireless networking technology, and external antennas amongst others. Buffalo Technology has been around longer than my fast talking mouth has been on this planet and is so entrenched with small businesses, system builders, and integrators; they will likely still be innovating long after I am gone.

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Buffalo however is a name not normally associated with the big boys of the enthusiast and memory overclocking market such as Corsair, OCZ, GSkill, Mushkin, and others. Buffalo has concentrated on providing solid mainstream memory products under their Certified and Select lines of memory. These lines of memory are for specific compatibility for hassle free use by end-users and builders alike...but what about us enthusiasts and overclockers? What does Buffalo have to offer us?

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One word, FireStix. The FireStix line of memory is Buffalo's endeavor into the enthusiast world of overclocking which consists of memory designed for running above JDEC standards. Offering everything from PC3200 DDR modules up to PC9200 DDRII memory kits, the FireStix line of memory has the starting line-up to challenge for a spot in every enthusiasts system. Today we will be looking at a pair of their PC6400 CL5 sticks. The 1GB dual-channel kit consists of a pair of 512MB modules and is rated for operation at DDR800 5-5-5 with only 2.1v, let's get started.

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