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USB Geek USB to SATA/IDE Universal Kit
Written By:   On 11/22/06 - 03:07:38 AM
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Price: $40

With more and more people switching over to faster and faster broadband internet connections, a lot of data gets transferred across the internet. You can download large amounts of data in a relatively short amount of time. But where will you store it all? A secondary internal hard drive sounds like a good idea but the disadvantages largely outweigh the benefits for most users. For one, you have to have room in your case to install it, which is not an option for laptop users. Also, mobility is severely affected as it is just not practical to remove the hard drive every time you need to take the data with you. A pre-built external hard drive is a good idea but they are expensive.

Enter USB Geek's solution: the USB to SATA/IDE Universal Kit with One Touch Backup, hereafter referred to as the Universal Backup Kit for the sake of brevity.

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This little device acts as a bridge between your USB port and a SATA or IDE device, allowing you to backup files to magnetic storage (hard drives) or optical storage (CD/DVD). It also includes software that enables "one touch backup" where you can backup all your important data with the push of a button!

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