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Here we go again, the GPU market is as hot as Eva Longoria in a bathtub scene and another video card has managed to fight through the UPS and FedEx guys lined up at my door to make it inside. PowerColor will be the headliner on today�s playbill and they are certainly no stranger to gaming enthusiasts or Overclockers Online. As said, has been a regular stop for gamers since 1999 when shopping for video cards having offered high-quality ATI products since their doors opened at their California offices in April of that year. PowerColor is actually a subsidiary of TUL corporation and was developed to promote the PowerColor branded hardware in the US, Canada, and Latin America.

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The recent refresh of the ATI mid-range level of video cards has led to the introduction of the X1650 line that is based on the R530 chip from the kids at ATI. Now many may be fooled thinking this is a new process but in reality, the X1650PRO is really an X1600XT with nothing more than a Halloween mask on its face. I will dig deeper into the roots of the X1650PRO chipset later on.

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Being the official card of the World Cyber Games, the PowerColor X1650PRO is a dual-DVI card with 256MB of GDDR3 memory linked through a 128-bit interface. It hosts 12 pixel and 5 vertex shaders running at a very impressive frequency of 600MHz at the core with the memory clipping along at DDR1400. This Windows Vista Ready video card is ready for some action but first, we start with having a look at the always elegant PowerColor package.

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