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It has been more than 10 years. More than a decade. More than a grade 7 students lifespan. That is how long Cooler Master has taken it upon themselves to cool the computer technology that the rest of the world produces. Everything from complete cases to stock heatsink and fan replacements, Cooler Master has done it all and done so while maintaining a high standard of quality throughout their vast line of cooling components on computer store shelves worldwide.

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As the planet earth relentlessly turns on its axis, humans and animals alike evolve. This constant evolution is carried down through everything we do in life most notably, technology. While processors are actually getting smaller, using less energy, and generating less heat, processor coolers are growing like the rising waters in our ever expanding oceans. So large in fact that it is actually easier and smaller for small water-cooling units to step in and do just as good a job as these monstrous heatsink and fan coolers. This is where products like the Cooler Masters Aquagate Viva steps in and takes the ball down the court.

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Video cards, unlike processors; have been doing nothing but getting more powerful, hotter running, and using more juice than professional body builders. This trend doesn't appear to be going anywhere for a while so to see a product that can tackle either VGA or CPU cooling is quite unique and practical to say the least. There will be plenty of action in this review as it technically is two headed so enough of my drivel, let's have a look at the CM Aquagate Viva.

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