Evercool has a mission, and it goes as follows:
  • Innovative Research and Development;
  • Insist on The Best Quality;
  • Equipment Integrity;
  • Cost Competition;
  • Delivery on Time

Working as a company with 1200 employees, and producing 2.5 million pieces per month, Evercool continues to compete with other major companies. As it fights for the hearts and minds of enthusiasts, it continues to be more and more impressive and innovative with its products. Today we will be looking at the 80mm Rifling Fan.

The 80mm fans are becoming less popular as 120mm fans outperform them in terms of noise and cooling performance. Evercool has considered this and has actually housed a 92mm fan in an 80mm bracket. How will this perform? Will it be able to compete with a 120mm fan? Read on and find out!

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