Synology Inc. claims to be a young and energetic company dedicated to developing high performance, reliable, versatile and environmentally friendly Network Attached Storage devices; they are quickly approaching the one decade mark of existence. Founded in 2000, they have a headquarters in Taiwan but the growing company also has an office in Redmond, WA to cover all North and South America business. While they claim to be a new enthusiastic company, anyone in the network attached storage industry knows these guys mean business when it comes to NAS products.


Network Attached Storage devices have exploded in popularity and while I've been blessed with the opportunity of reviewing some of the largest on the market, the honest truth is that not everyone needs an 8 drive Turbo NAS. Stepping back to reality, a two drive NAS will certainly be far more popular to home users and small businesses. Utilizing a pair of hard drives and a little NAS can add terabytes of storage space to an existing network. We're entering an exciting time when it comes to the digital storage world. We're at the brink of moving everything to solid state drives for personal PCs and at the turning point of network devices. If you asked me a few years ago whether or not we'd be seeing hard drives with the capacity they are today or a home owner with over one terabyte of storage on a single disk or ten terabytes on a home network I would have laughed. Today, that's reality. Network Attached Storage devices and the digital world has certainly made one thing possible: accessing everything anywhere without the need to delete. Our NAS devices function as a computer optimized for storage and storage-oriented functions. This optimization has created a means to share files, increase productivity and deliver features to users on the network. Synology has accomplished this on a two-drive NAS device. bringing to us their DS209.


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