OCZ Technologies entered the marketplace in August 2000, pioneering several advances in computer memory. They're largely known for their high speed DDR2 and DDR3 laptop and desktop memory, but today they maintain a vast variety of products for both the casual gamer and the hardcore enthusiast from PSUs and CPU coolers, to solid state disks (SSD) and even a few phase cooling kits.

For this review at Overclockers Online, I'll be reviewing one of their newest additions to the CPU cooling lineup, the OCZ Gladiator Max.

The Gladiator Max is available in two sizes, the smaller featuring a 92mm fan, and the larger 120mm fan for those who require a more extensive cooling solution while also maintaining a whisper quiet footprint. In this review, I'll be using the 120mm version. Primarily geared towards media centers or office desktops, this cooler is perfect for any environment where minimal noise is a high priority. Read on for more...

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