It has been a little while since we have tested a power supply here at Overclockers Online. To break that habit, we have OCZ's new EliteXStream series power supply in our lab.

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While we have taken a break from power supplies, the market, and technological world sure hasn't! Fast and more powerful - these two words have, since the beginning, done an excellent job summarizing the progression of technology and this holds even more truth with performance hardware.

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Ever since OCZ's humble beginnings back in 2002, OCZ has been on a non-stop conquest into all reaches of the enthusiast market offering everything from cooling to memory to well, of course power supplies! Despite their success, OCZ has held true to their founding philosophy, to ensure satisfaction for each and every customer.

The unit in our hands today is the EliteXStream 800W, the lowest offering of the EliteXStream family. The EliteXStream series boasts an enormous single 12V rail, 80+ certification and a whisper silent 120mm fan. Although it is the lowest rated unit, the EliteXStream 800W is by no means a unit to mock. 800W alone is more than enough to power almost any performance setup today!

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