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What is in a number? At one time, 300 was crazy, then 400 became stock and 600 was the new goal. That didn't last very long as stock then turned into 800 and the goal was 1000. Are you confused? Unless you are an utter memory geek like myself, you should be. I am of course talking about memory frequency and how not 'so' long ago 300MHz at 2.5-3-3-5 was the ultimate memory overclock and only achieved by the best of the best TCCD/TCC5. Today we usher in a new era of memory frequency numbers with a look at one of the highest rated kits of DDR3 memory available from the heart of the DDR2 and DDR3 dragon, Crucial and their Ballistix line of memory.

Crucial, also known as Lexar Media Inc., is a division of Micron Technology Inc. and has been putting out the Ballistix line of memory for years now. With each new generation of hardware, Ballistix memory kits are always at the top of their game satisfying the needs of its customers without questions. Crucial memory is as well known in the computer enthusiast forums as it is the IT department of your office. The Ballistix line of memory is not the only type of DRAM that Crucial offers as they qualify hundreds of different modules for all major OEMs so whether you build your own system or are upgrading your Dell, Crucial has you covered.

The focus of today is going to be solely on the Crucial Ballistix line of memory, in particular, the new 2x1GB PC3-16000 Ballistix kit. This flagship kit of DDR3-2000 9-9-9 modules are at the absolute top of the food chain on planet DDR3. At this time, there are a few manufacturers that offer DDR3-2000 modules but nothing faster thus far. Don't be misled by what seems like very loose timings because at 1000MHz, 9-9-9 is lighting fast. There should be some interesting results with a kit this fast and we have the perfect platform to push it to the limits, so let's get started.

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