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Our last Ballistix DDR3 review showed that DDR3 was king of bandwidth. Today, we prove that point ten fold. When mated to an NVIDIA 790i motherboard, the Crucial Ballistix PC3-16000 are fast at stock...and absolutely lethal when pushed further.
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NZXT Tempest 06/29/08 - Comments (0)

As NZXT makes their debut at Overclockers Online, we get the luxury of reviewing the Tempest case. Crafted to satisfy the high performance demands of enthusiasts, this case comes equipped with 120mm and 140mm fans for your cooling needs.
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Samsung maybe better known for their display products, but one cannot overlook their line of audio devices. The Samsung S5 is the latest to enter the Overclockers Online labs and we're excited to see how well it performs over its predecessors.

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Tagan Black Pearl WCR
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