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SilverStone TJ09 - 11/14/07 - Comments (0)

I'm looking for a big case that had room for at least six hard drives and plenty of cooling potential. The SilverStone TJ09 sits at the top of a rather short list. Have I found enclosure nirvana?
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Flash drives are the only way I carry data around. After losing my Rally 2, it was quite convenient that ATP came knocking looking for us to write a review. What better timing could I ask for and good thing I lost my Rally 2 because the ToughDrive mini is smoking fast.
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Looking for an ergonomic keyboard but hate the learning curve? Want a cordless keyboard and mouse set with great features? Look no further than the Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave which combines comfort and functionality at a great price.


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Zalman Reserator XT
Written By:   On 10/22/07 - 03:25:25 AM
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Zalman is a name that should be familiar to any computer enthusiast, especially anyone looking for silent cooling solutions. Zalman has long been a leader in silent cooling solutions, in both passive and active cooling variations. While Zalman first came onto the scene with various air cooling solutions, since water cooling has increasingly become more popular each year, Zalman has delved into the water cooling market.

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Zalman released the first Reserator back in 2005. After four versions in the series, each improving on its predecessor, today I am taking a look at the latest, the Reserator XT. With the XT, Zalman brings active cooling to the Reserator family of products. Will the Reserator XT remain true to the silent cooling mantra of Zalman while still maintaining solid performance that is the benchmark of their products? Let's move along and find out.

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