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The weather outside in many ways is a metaphor for the change that is happening in computer memory right now. Winter is making brief appearances during the overnight hours but is still a little bit away from making the primetime or afternoon time slot. DDR3 memory is definitely out there, making small appearances here and there but still very much on the fringe of cutting edge with its mainstream appearance still a few months, if not more, away.

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OCZ Technology always has and always will be on that fringe of bringing new and cutting edge technologies as soon as anyone else. Going back to my winter metaphor, if you will, they are usually the ones that first blow into town for the first frost. OCZ has cemented their placement as one of the industry's best when it comes to memory from DDR right up to DDR3. Excellent technical support through their 1-800 number, e-mail, or even in enthusiast computer forums always makes sure their customers are satisfied.

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Today I have the absolute pleasure of taking a look at my very first DDR3 memory kit in the form of the OCZ Technology PC3-10666 2x1GB. This memory kit is certainly not the fastest available right now but also doesn't cost $800. In its infancy, yes, DDR3 is going to cost significantly more than DDR2 memory does right now but this OCZ Platinum PC3-10666 kit is among the best priced DDR3 performance memory you can buy right now. I am anxious to get started so let's jump right in and start by having a quick look at the package and the sticks inside.

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