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It is that time of year again. You are being commissioned to build a system for a co-worker, family friend, or even your brother in-law. They won't need the highest set of components money can buy and will be on a set budget. You have picked out the rest of the system and all that is left is the video card with not much over $100 left. Onboard video just isn't going to cut it because they do have someone looking to play some games with the system so your only alternative is a mid-range graphics processor that is cheap but can hold its own in the gaming ring. PowerColor has exactly what you�re looking for from the latest line of ATI video cards.

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PowerColor is a subsidiary of TUL Corporation founded to become the face of their graphic processing division and has been regarded as one of the graphic processing pioneers since 1997. PowerColor has built its reputation by providing top quality hardware at a great value and backing it up with industry leading support. The PowerColor brand has stretched its reach from the U.S.A. to the Netherlands, China, and Taiwan providing increased service and product availability with its global positioning.

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The ATI HD2000 series of video cards launched a few months ago and the full line of models available have been in the channels for a while now. Today we will be looking at the middle of the pack, the HD2600 Pro. The HD2600 Pro is actually at the bottom of the middle of the pack if you will. Going higher up the food chain there is the HD2600 XT followed by the HD2900 series and going down, the HD2400 series covers the entry level. The exact model we have here today is the PowerColor HD2600 PRO 512MB GDDR2 which should slot in somewhere slightly above the X1650 Pro series of the previous generation of graphics processors in 3D performance. There is always plenty of information to pour through with new graphics chipsets so let's get started.

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