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The changing of the guard is in effect right now and will be again in a few months, then again a few months after that, and again a few months after that. The life cycle of computer hardware has never been that long and that trend has not changed over the last few years with new chipsets and technologies coming out seemingly every other quarter. Today, not only will I be looking at the latest in a long line of successful Intel chipsets, but also the latest in memory technology all wrapped up in one great looking Biostar package.

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Biostar has danced around the pages of Overclockers Online a few times in the past in the form of AM2 motherboards and a couple different video cards. Biostar has been producing motherboards for a long time and built up a very successful business in doing so. With success comes the ability to produce specialized motherboards for a specific segment of the market and that has led to the creation of the T-Series from Biostar. The T-Series of motherboards has quickly created a reputation for some exciting platforms with every offering progressively increasing in ability and performance.

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We have recently looked at a couple of AM2 based Biostar T-Series motherboards here at Overclockers Online but today I break that mold and dip my toe into the Intel paddling pool with the exciting Intel P35 based TP35D3-A7 Deluxe from the Biostar T-Series shelf. Aside from being based on the latest Intel P35 chipset, the D3 in the name (TP35D3-A7) denotes that this particular platform utilizes extremely cutting edge DDRIII memory. This will be my first foray into the world of DDRIII memory but from the looks of the TP35D3-A7 and the history of the T-Series from Biostar, I should have an excellent platform on my hands to get acquainted with DDRIII.

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