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As we wind down the life cycle of DDR2 memory, prices have hit the absolute lowest they are ever going to be and the frequencies being offered from some manufacturers are just incredible. Among the manufacturers that have decided to offer extremely high binned modules is Buffalo Technology. I was a bit surprised to hear that Buffalo was offering a 2x1GB DDR2 kit at a higher frequency than their PC2-8000 modules that I looked at a while ago but jumped at the chance to have a look at this new PC2-9600 2x1GB kit.

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Buffalo has taken giant leaps and bounds over the last couple of years moving their memory products from the IT department into the cases of the forum crawling enthusiast. With 30 years experience of supplying businesses with high end products from every segment of the industry, Buffalo has developed a great understanding of how to set a goal and accomplish it. Since the introduction of the FireStix line of performance memory, the name Buffalo has become common-place in many discussions involving memory overclocking.

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The Buffalo Technology FireStix memory line is targeted at the enthusiast and that means overclockers. The overclocking crowd is a hard one to impress. They want industry leading technology, unbelievable performance, rock solid reliability, and above all...value. The fact that the FireStix line has inserted itself into this crowd of consumers with high praise says something about this memory. Today I will look at the cream of the FireStix DDR2 crop, the FSX1200D2D-K2G which includes two 1GB modules of PC2-9600 memory rated for this incredible DDR1200 frequency at 5-6-6 timings with 2.3v.

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