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XClio has already made it's computer chassis debut on Overclockers Online with the 188 Super Tower, and it turned out to be a very good performer in style and cooling. With simplicity and style, XClio has delivered a very top notch case, and we will expect nothing less than excellent from the A380.

XClio has been around to manufacture power supplies and a number of cases so they are not inexperienced when it comes to styling and performance.

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A computer chassis is the first thing one sees when looking at a computer. It serves a very important purpose as the computer's structural exoskeleton. Computer cases should be built strong, tough, and user friendly. Nobody enjoys working with a case that is hard to work with; features such as motherboard trays and hard drive racks make life easier. The A380 features not one, but two large 250mm fan on the side panel and front panel, which would presumably improve cooling performance significantly better than various cases on the market.

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