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A couple of days ago, nVidia announced not to go public with their next generation GPUs before the month of february next year (depends on the date that you read this review of course). What does this mean for the video card market and the gamers out there? Well, one simple statement has to be made : the GeForce3 Ti remains the fastest nVidia GPU available to mankind for at least 2 more months. That's if nVidia doesn't postpone the launch of their new line-up even more of course. And even IF the line-up is introduced next february, you will not be able to buy a videocard based on these new GPUs that same month either. Conclusion : When we buy a GeForce3 Ti card now, we have a top notch gaming card! Or don't we? That's what we intend to find out during this review.

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Today, we're about to have a look at the Tornado GeForce3 Ti200 videocard. Right after our Inno3D Geforce2 Ti review last week, we've put their GF3 Ti200 in our testrig and started to torture it to unseen levels ;) No, seriously, we were very eager to take this GF3 Ti200 for a testdrive to compare some benchmark results to a couple of other popular videocard results ...

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What did you just say to me? Ti200? Alright, hang on a sec, I was just getting to that part. As you might have noticed, the videocard we're discussing today is based on nVidia's GeForce3 Ti200 GPU. If I say that there are 3 different versions of GeForce3 GPU ... the GeForce3, the GeForce3 Ti200 and the GeForce3 Ti500, I can understand why one could get all mixed up and confused at the same time. That's why we'll explain the difference between these three GPUs as soon as we reach the specifications part of this article ... which is in about 1 second after you've clicked the link below ...

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