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Things sure have changed from a few months ago when memory prices were as astronomically high as the speeds. Now the frequencies that DDR2 memory is running at have finally surpassed the cost involved to own such memory. DDR2 prices have recently dipped and look to hold the low trend for a while apparently. This is nothing but good news to all those enthusiasts out there looking for some high-quality memory from the likes of Crucial and their wonderful Ballistix line of performance memory.

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Back in January of this year I introduced you, the reader, to Micron Technology and the subsidiary Crucial brand. Crucial was a collective of people hand-picked from the Micron Technology business group that were to head up the retail sales division of the US based memory manufacturing giant and call it Crucial Technology. Crucial would be responsible to bridge that gap between manufacturer and retailer. For more than 10 years now, Crucial has continued to bridge the rapids and keep consumers feet dry with excellent tech support, un-paralleled customer service, and top quality SDRAM products that continue to amaze us all in the the PC2-8500 Crucial Ballistix Tracers that we will be looking at today.

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It is not a big secret that Crucial (Micron Technology) are the only real memory manufacturer that is capable of producing ultra high-end memory ICs for DDR2 SDRAM that operate at the insane frequencies we see these days. If all DDR2 memory modules running above DDR1000 are based on Micron ICs...why shouldn't Micron have their own DDR1066 part? They do now and I for one couldn't be happier to see such a speed bin from Crucial in the Ballistix Tracer line of memory. These new PC2-8500 modules run an impressive DDR1066 at 5-5-5 timings with only 2.2v. They come in either Tracer or non-Tracer variations and I will have the joy of looking at a set of the sleek looking 2GB kit of Ballistix Tracer PC2-8500 modules.

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