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OCZ Technology needs no introduction but they get one anyway. The company was founded on the notion that "OCZ was founded by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts" and that still holds true today. It has been close to seven full years since OCZ was conceived and they have done nothing but expand and grow from day one. Their secret to their success has been great product availability, incredible service & warranty support, and always a source of industry leading memory.

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My personal experience goes back a long way with OCZ both as an average user and enthusiast. Being located in Canada, I have to continue to applaud OCZ for consistent availability nation wide at smaller retailers as well as the larger online retailers on each side of this expansive country. Innovation is nothing new for OCZ as they have been prototypical at leading the memory push with every memory generation since the dual-channel revolution that started with OCZ and NVIDIA. That innovation vault is visited again today as we look at the newest in heatsink design for memory from OCZ in their Reaper HPC series.

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The DDR2 lifespan may be at its peak right now, but the advances in IC options for high clocking memory are non-existent. Manufacturers are left to rely on Micron based DDR2 solutions for high speed modules like the OCZ Reaper HPC PC9200 sticks that run at a rated DDR1150 at 5-5-5 timings. In order to run these frequencies, modules are rated to run at the absolute edge and any cooling advances may go a long way in preserving performance in these high-end modules.

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