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Cooler Master GeminII
Written By:   On 04/18/07

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October 18, 2008

Posted : October 18 2008 - 06:45:48 AM

Wouldn't this product be as good as a water cooler if it was combined with a "Peltier Cooler" or TEC unit??? Something like what coolmaster did with their chiltec. Or the other TEC product on the market that is a clone of the coolmaster unit except for the extra fan.

A combo like that would kill the rest of the pack... That is the current flaw I see with the TEC designs of today. Combining the extra heat pipes & large fans of the Gemin and the TEC of the cooltec, would make a bullet proof product. Yes it would be a heavy unit, but with an included X brace that issue would be fixed I'm sure...