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Samsung does it again with their all new SyncMaster 2263UW- speedy 5ms response time, 8000: 1 contrast ratio, 1680x 1050 resolution, and built in speakers and webcam.
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CoolJag's new Programmable LED fan brings the humble 120mm fan to a new level of aesthetic utility, allowing you to display your choice of text on the fan itself! Read on to see how it works.
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Our last Ballistix DDR3 review showed that DDR3 was king of bandwidth. Today, we prove that point ten fold. When mated to an NVIDIA 790i motherboard, the Crucial Ballistix PC3-16000 are fast at stock...and absolutely lethal when pushed further.

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Review of the VR920 video eyewear
06/12/08 - 02:11:16 AM -

Its strange to think that while computer hardware has gone developed in leaps and bounds during the last, say, twenty years, but the act of playing a game on your computer has hardly changed at all. The guy who played Kings Quest IV on his 4 MHz computer back in 1988, is not doing all that much different than a guy playing Devil May Cry on his 4 GHz computer in 2008. Sure, the games have changed dramatically but at the end of the day, playing the game -- plunking yourself in front of your monitor, moving your mouse, banging keys, has not really changed all that much.

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