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Biostar is back today with their new TPower series with the latest SLI chipset for AMD processors. The TPower N750 brings loads of features and SLI at a great price.
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Antec's Three Hundred case draws on the success of the Nine Hundred and even manages some improvements.
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Biostar's T-Series has always had an emphasis on performance and value. The TF7150U-M7 hopes to increase value by integrating the MCP73/GeForce 7150 chip from NVIDIA. How does it perform? Read on to find out.

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Elite Autofocus Webcam
06/5/08 - 08:59:22 AM -

Nowadays, many laptops are coming with built-in webcams, which are nt big enough, or smooth enough for our liking. HP sees this and has com e out with the new Elite Autofocus Webcam! Rated at 12MP, were sure itl l be big enough and fast enough for you.

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