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Samsung's ML-1630 takes desktop printers into a new direction. While technologically the ML-1630 isn't anything to write home about, its focus is on integration.
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Diamond's Viper HD 3650 ups the stakes on midrange cards with 1GB of memory. Read along to see if memory alone can differentiate this latest 3650 video card.
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OCZ is better known for cutting edge desktop memory, but they haven't let their presence slide in the flash media department. Their latest news has been with 2.5" solid state drives but this 4GB flash drive will rock your world too.

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Audioengine A2 Computer Speakers
05/16/08 - 07:31:35 PM -

Quote: When I reviewed their luscious A5s, my own music, music that I leave playing all the time, music that I can play in my head *sans stereo*, I... it mesmerized me. There was so much I didnt know I was missing, so much that I didnt expect to be able to hear without some studio phones. I will test these smaller, desktop speakers against a high standard. I will test them on an Audioengine standard.

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