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OCZ is better known for cutting edge desktop memory, but they haven't let their presence slide in the flash media department. Their latest news has been with 2.5" solid state drives but this 4GB flash drive will rock your world too.
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Thermaltakes M9 is a stylish mid tower case with great cooling. It could be just the case to fit your budget, read on to see if it meets your needs.
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The HIS IceQ 3 cooler has made its appearance several times before. This time, it is on the HD 3650 mid-range card from ATI. Read on as we take a closer look.

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Dual vs Quad Core Gaming
05/1/08 - 05:55:04 AM -

Quote: One of the biggest misconceptions about CPU manufacturers increasing the number cores, is that the performance of the CPU increases by the same measure. Is this really the case? Are you going to see any real world performance differences by spending five times the amount of money on an Extreme Edition CPU? We will not only show you real world and synthetic benchmark figures but well show you what the CPU cores are doing during these tests.

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