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Samsung YP-P2 03/4/08 - Comments (0)

The Samsung P2 audio player combines style and functionality by using a touch screen interface and an impressive set of features. With the P2 being Samsung's new flagship audio player, this is one unit that is sure to turn some heads away from Apple.
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Hard drives are often forgotten in terms of cooling, but Ultra is looking to remedy your overheating hard drive with an attractive aluminum cooler. Read on to find out more.
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What do you get when you mix two HD3870s, 1GB of GDDR3 memory, and only one PCB? An HIS HD3870X2 single card dual graphics processor that equals the power of two HD3870s in CrossFire all in one tidy little package. Alright, so it isn't that little...


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Advanced Gmail Features
03/3/08 - 10:41:42 AM -

Quote: I have several email accounts forwarded to Gmail. My websites receive substantial email correspondence related to them on a daily basis. In order to manage it all, Ive utilized Gmails filters, shortcuts, and advanced features. Ill show you how Ive organized my email to the point any message is only a few clicks away, as well as introduce you to a few other tips and tricks to make Gmail more versatile.

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