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What do you get when you mix two HD3870s, 1GB of GDDR3 memory, and only one PCB? An HIS HD3870X2 single card dual graphics processor that equals the power of two HD3870s in CrossFire all in one tidy little package. Alright, so it isn't that little...
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I, like many others, don't even have a set of surround sound speakers so the thought of fitting 5.1 speakers into a headset is remarkable. How is the sound? Read on to find out.
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Just when you thought the numbers couldn't get any higher, Patriot comes out with an impressive PC3-15000 DDR3 memory kit. The viper Extreme memory is some of the fastest rated memory that is available at this time topped off with a new heat sink design for exceptional cooling.


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Switching from Microsoft Windows to Ubuntu Linux
02/27/08 - 10:33:52 AM -

Summary: Ubuntu is currently just about the most popular Linux distribution - although that does depend on who you ask to a certain extent. Linux aficionados are often not only anti-Microsoft, theyre also often very loyal to a specific flavor of Linux.

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