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Antec NeoPower Blue 650W is the newest addition to Antec's famed NeoPower family. The NeoPower Blue 650W offers excellent performance at an unbeatable price.
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Cooler Master 690 - 02/4/08 - Comments (0)

With a mesh body finish lined with a bright chrome accents, Cooler Master has again combined style and function with their new 690 case.
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With high efficiency, silent operation, six 12V rails, and a beautiful finish, is Cooler Master's Real Power Pro the balance between performance and affordability we have been looking for?


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02/6/08 - 09:16:15 AM -

Ever since Apples hardware made the jump to Intel processors, theres been an active community involvement in getting the Intel version of OS X to run on the standard personal computers that the majority of users have. Lets face it, Apples hardware is nice and shiny, but despite the price drops, its still more expensive than most of the budget options that are in the market. Adventurous users have been able to successfully install previous versions of OS X on their current computing rigs, and now that Leopard is available, the work continues for version 10.5.

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