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With high efficiency, silent operation, six 12V rails, and a beautiful finish, is Cooler Master's Real Power Pro the balance between performance and affordability we have been looking for?
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CoolIT USB Chiller - 01/25/08 - Comments (0)

Need something that will keep your drink ice cold during long hours of gaming, but don't want to move the computer beside the refrigerator? CoolIT introduces the Beverage Chiller to do just that!
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The second kit of DDR3 memory in less than two weeks rated for an impressive 900MHz at 7-7-7 has made its way through the door. Needless to say, our hopes are definitely high for this high-end Super Talent memory. The elaborate and beefy heat sinks look up to the task, but are the modules underneath? Let's find out.


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Sunbeam Tuniq 3 Case
01/29/08 - 01:35:34 AM -

The Tuniq 3 case is something that will be on the fence for a lot of potential buyers. The front of the case has a very elegant/professional look with its uninterrupted brushed aluminum face. The left side features a window but is obstructed by ventilation, cooling brackets and drive bays. This kind of makes it useless. The included internal 120mm fans and the two Blue CCFLs light up the surrounding area with a wonderful blue glow (the red colors are from the PSU used to test the case..

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