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Noctua's NF-P12 is definitely engineered a little differently from your average 120mm fan. All this engineering pays off in the form of great performance and low noise, making it an excellent choice to use with your CPU cooler.
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Un-like the dwindling NFL season, the DDR3 battle is just getting started. The competition is already extremely intense from a plentiful group of combatants. With industry leading cooling, the Corsair Dominators look to rise to the top.
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Thermalright's Ultima-90 takes the effective design of six heatpipes from the Ultra-120 Extreme and fits it into a 90mm body, but this smaller sibling still packs some cooling punch. Read on to find out more.


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The Importance of Cross Platform Compatibility
01/16/08 - 08:06:51 AM -

Ive gone on and on about how important cross-platform software really is in the past, and my mission to spread the word about its importance will continue. It can be frustrating to hear about a great application, become intrigued by its features and functionality, and then find out that its only available for one operating system. Oh, the humanity!

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