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Un-like the dwindling NFL season, the DDR3 battle is just getting started. The competition is already extremely intense from a plentiful group of combatants. With industry leading cooling, the Corsair Dominators look to rise to the top.
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Thermalright's Ultima-90 takes the effective design of six heatpipes from the Ultra-120 Extreme and fits it into a 90mm body, but this smaller sibling still packs some cooling punch. Read on to find out more.
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DDR3 wasn't released too long ago and if the holidays were good to you, maybe you got some extra dough lying around to build yourself a new machine. If DDR3 is on your mind, perhaps Patriot Memory should be on the short list.


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KeySonic ACK-126 RF Keyboard
01/14/08 - 05:05:08 PM -

The KeySonic ACK-126 RF USB Keyboard arrived Technic3D. Full f lexible silicone material, Wireless 2.4GHz (up to 10m) and 18 multifu nction keys with Control of Audio, Video, Email, Internet. Technic3D w ill see the functions in the following Review. Ideal for use in facili ties, laboratories, gastronomy, food industry and medical areas?

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