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Thermalright's Ultima-90 takes the effective design of six heatpipes from the Ultra-120 Extreme and fits it into a 90mm body, but this smaller sibling still packs some cooling punch. Read on to find out more.
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DDR3 wasn't released too long ago and if the holidays were good to you, maybe you got some extra dough lying around to build yourself a new machine. If DDR3 is on your mind, perhaps Patriot Memory should be on the short list.
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Portable memory has become increasingly popular and chances are you've received one during the holidays sometime in the past. What makes OCZ's ATV Turbo so different from the rest is its low cost, high capacity and high performance.


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Siretc High Power 400w VGA Booster
01/9/08 - 05:39:03 AM -

Booster. Below is a direct quote from the review: You just upgraded your PC, you got the latest motherboard and processor, several gigs of fast memory and a high-end video card so you can play that cool new game that just came out. You put the system together and get your OS loaded, only to see a warning that your video card performance will be degraded because it isnt getting enough power. Doh! You forgot to consider a power supply as part of your upgrade.

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