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Antec Quattro 850W - 10/29/07 - Comments (0)

The Quattro, Antec's newest installment into their ever growing family of power supplies comes equipped with modular cables, four 12V rails, and a price tag which is sure to impress!
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With the Reserator XT, Zalman adds active cooling to their already impressive passive water cooling to positive results.
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From the hot-rod industry stemmed an old saying, "there is no replacement for displacement". Today I coin the term, "there is no..." okay so nothing rhymes with bandwidth, but there is no substitute for it when it comes to memory and DDR3 can supply more than enough bandwidth to go around.


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Thermaltake DH101 VF7001BNC HTPC Case
10/31/07 - 10:53:56 PM - : Modify : Delete

HTPC computers are getting quite popular these days and today we are taking a look at a HTPC case from Thermaltake. They sent us one of their latest cases named DH 101 with a display and a piano mirror coating on the case to give it a very nice look. How well does this compare to other brands HTPC cases? What features does it hold? These are a few things we are going have a look at today.

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