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With the Reserator XT, Zalman adds active cooling to their already impressive passive water cooling to positive results.
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From the hot-rod industry stemmed an old saying, "there is no replacement for displacement". Today I coin the term, "there is no..." okay so nothing rhymes with bandwidth, but there is no substitute for it when it comes to memory and DDR3 can supply more than enough bandwidth to go around.
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Titan EZ Sound - 10/7/07 - Comments (0)

When it comes to portable speakers, many of us think of low-quality, clunky "tin cans" that sacrifice audio quality for portability. Titan is breaking that stereotype with the EZ Sound 2.1 speakers, featuring a built-in subwoofer.


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G.Skill PC2-6400 (2GBHK) 2GB DDR2-800 Kit
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G.Skill, great skill in memory world! Although it is our first contact with G.Skill, the name sounds very familiar and certainly known by many. Their mission is to provide superior memory products and satisfactory services in order to keep pace with the customers growing needs, and help customers in adding value to their products. At G.Skill, top priority is the quality by each product to follow strict procedures. Their wide ranges of memory products are hard to keep up, and they have more DDR2 ram solutions you can think of. G.Skills high performance memory is gaining a reputation as some of the most exciting and desirable high-end memory on the market today.

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