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Tired of hearing that audible whine in your home theater PC? Zalman aims to eliminate the noise and maintain great cooling with the CNPS8700 LED.
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SilverStone TJ09 - 11/14/07 - Comments (0)

I'm looking for a big case that had room for at least six hard drives and plenty of cooling potential. The SilverStone TJ09 sits at the top of a rather short list. Have I found enclosure nirvana?
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Flash drives are the only way I carry data around. After losing my Rally 2, it was quite convenient that ATP came knocking looking for us to write a review. What better timing could I ask for and good thing I lost my Rally 2 because the ToughDrive mini is smoking fast.


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Migrating Away From Windows, But Not Ready For Linux
10/19/07 - 07:59:35 AM - : Modify : Delete

I hear it nearly everyday. Users who want to move from Windows, but dont feel that the short Linux learning curve is worth the effort. Fine, get a Mac, I suggest. These same users explain that its a cost issue (Mac Mini is a cost issue?) despite the logic in them taking this path.

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