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From the hot-rod industry stemmed an old saying, "there is no replacement for displacement". Today I coin the term, "there is no..." okay so nothing rhymes with bandwidth, but there is no substitute for it when it comes to memory and DDR3 can supply more than enough bandwidth to go around.
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Titan EZ Sound - 10/7/07 - Comments (0)

When it comes to portable speakers, many of us think of low-quality, clunky "tin cans" that sacrifice audio quality for portability. Titan is breaking that stereotype with the EZ Sound 2.1 speakers, featuring a built-in subwoofer.
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The hotly contested GPU market seems to have no shortage of options for a gamer looking to spend some money. Not all of us have $400 for the best of the best but for those 19"~22" LCD owners out there, we may have just the card you need. The 8600GTS is a formidable foe at an acceptable price.


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Chill Factor vs. Liquid Pro Thermal Paste
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Today manufacturers offer a plethora of different kind of coolers. But the cooling power of the most efficient cooler can be hindered by the stuff between the core and the coolers base. Silver based compounds have been around for a while, but still manufacturers come up with new ideas and products.

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