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In Win F430
03/5/07 - Comments (0)

Automobile paint, engine sound start up, and race car design? Sounds like a good formula for a computer case! In Win released the F430 case to include all of these features as well as much more, all covered in this review.
Cooler Master NotePal S
Written By:   On 01/28/07 - 02:18:25 AM
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Cooler Master is back at Overclockers Online! They are known for high-quality cooling products as the company's name might suggest. Today, they have for us a notebook stand that allows you to effectively "convert" your laptop to a desktop.

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After recently looking at Cooler Master's NotePal P1, I have high expectations for the NotePal S. The NotePal S is different though as it is not a laptop cooler but instead a laptop stand.

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