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In Win F430
03/5/07 - Comments (0)

Automobile paint, engine sound start up, and race car design? Sounds like a good formula for a computer case! In Win released the F430 case to include all of these features as well as much more, all covered in this review.
Thermalright Chill Factor
Written By:   On 01/14/07 - 04:04:18 AM
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Thermalright has been a popular name here at Overclockers Online with their high performance CPU coolers such as the HR-05-SLI, MST-9775, and HR-01. Specializing mainly in cooling solutions, Thermalright has taken the next logical step by releasing their very own thermal compound. Thermal interface materials, or TIMs, aim to fill in the microscopic air gaps between heatsinks and CPUs in order to facilitate better heat transfer due to better contact.

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According to lab tests done by Thermalright, their new Chill Factor performs better than the legendary Arctic Silver 5. Hopefully, we will see similar results in our evaluation of this promising newcomer.

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