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Happy New Year and welcome to the year of memory at Overclockers Online. I start off my 2007 with a bang and a very nice looking set of DDRII modules from the Crucial Ballistix line of memory. 2GB of PC5300 goodness await inside.
Ultra X-Pro 600W APFC
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Ultra, a company based out of Fletcher, Ohio, strives to produce products with innovation, value and quality in mind. With years of experience and an extensive ever-growing line of products, Ultra has become one of today's leaders in computing accessories.

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Different computer systems have different power requirements; a simple email and internet computer would require a different power supply than a high end gaming system. The same goes with a workstation or server. To cater to these users, Ultra has released a brand new line of power supplies, the X-Pro EE (Extra efficient) sporting 85% efficiency.

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